Use word documents
to assemble learning content

It's like an assembly line for your content.

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Need learning content fast?

Your boss just emailed you a 75 page Word document and said "Make this into an e-learning compliant package".

Under that file there's some notes about quiz questions you might add in and that learners need to watch at least half of the company training video.

The email finishes off "and I need it done yesterday".

Oh boy. This sounds complicated.

Robots to the rescue!

Pfft. You've got this.

Drag on all your documents. Add a Quiz using the wizard. Paste in a YouTube link and drag the score requirement to 50%. Reorder pages to be more logical. Pick a snazzy design, and press Export.

That's it. You're done.

The aim of this tool is to get your content e-learning ready
in a matter of minutes.

Course Assembler is an assembly line for your content.

Getting content in is the easy part.

Word, PowerPoint, SlideShare, YouTube, Images, PDF documents, Google Docs, your previous packages, whatever ... just drag it on.

We support 50+ document, presentation, image and media formats.

We do the heavy lifting.

We convert your content so it works in web browsers. You never have to deal with code, or know what SCORM or xAPI are, or have to deal with finicky settings, or get lost in the details.

Our robots do that for you.

Spend your time where it counts.

Do you editing where you are most comfortable: Like in Google Slides, or Word. Don't let the publishing tool take over your life. Don't spend your days copying and pasting. Just drag your content on, grab the package, and get on with your day.

For the price of a coffee and a bagel, put your content out there already!

Web-based app requires a modern Desktop browser