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Quiz wizard

The Quiz is a simple knowledge check tool that allows you to ensure learning is taking place. The 'Quiz' tool allows entry and automatic marking of single and multiple choice questions at this time.

Add a quiz in the same way as adding other content. You can also export and import quizzes from special 'json' files - these are effectively text files you can edit or generate externally.

Add quiz button

The Quiz Wizard will appear in the content area. A new item will also appear at the bottom of the document list, labelled New Quiz.

New Quiz item in document list Quiz wizard

This is where you'll adjust the settings for the quiz, along with adding and customising questions. (The questions part will be blurred by default, but don't panic - it'll clear up once you select a question to edit).

Both of these settings have a fair bit of information to cover, so we'll detail how they work in the next few pages.

You'll also notice that Quiz items also feature their own unique options in the thin blue bar above the wizard. In the top left, we have the Edit and View buttons.

Edit and View buttons

Clicking View allows you to preview how the Quiz will look when the course is run.

view button Quiz preview

!! In order to preview the Quiz, you will need to save the quiz at least once. To do this, click any of the three Save buttons throughout the wizard.

Save Settings button

Save and Save + Add New question buttons

Clicking Edit switches you back to the wizard editor.

Edit button