Features - friendly


Pick and go

Have you had the experience where you start to design your content or package and are presented with screen after screen of tick boxes or drop down lists or image pickers, and suddenly three hours have passed and you are no closer to publishing? We don't do it that way.

Don't get lost in options. We have no-nonsense learner friendly designs that require no design, coding or technical skills. Just pick a menu style and a colour theme and you are ready to go.

Customise without coding

Sometimes you might want to make a few choices about your presentation, but you don't know CSS or how to code. That's not a problem - if you can choose a theme, you can also customise it through our simple editor. You can save your custom presets for next time too - so every course you produce can look the same if that's what you want.

Read more about our new Theme system in this blog entry or in the theme documentation.