Features - responsive


How big is your learners screen?

You might not be able to answer that. They might be using a phone or a tablet or a laptop. It might be vertical or horizontal. They might have one of those wraparound screens. How do you plan for that?

Our content can scale to fit the users screen - if that's what you want. We don't force your content to scale (like some vendors) - the choice is yours. You can read more about our document scaling options in the linked blog post, or documentation.


Some of the other vendors who provide document conversion services will often simply convert a page to a jpeg file. When you scale that file down to fit a screen, the text can be lost in a blurry mess. Not great.

We will try to render text using regular fonts where possible, as it leaves the rendering up to the users device. This gives the highest clarity and can apply any text hinting procedures that might be possible on the users device - plus it is readable by screen readers and other assistive technologies.